Brief profile and company Introduction:-

An IT Solution Center was founded in 1989 by a group of professionals.

The company was founded in 1989 by a group of professionals. Our organization is engaged in software consultancy, including information strategy consulting, information systems planning, computerization, feasibility studies, software implementation services, software maintenance, multimedia software services, network solutions, computer hardware and data entry services. We give complete solutions for strategic and tactical problems which different organizations face.

In the IT ball game, everything is objective critical. We at Softworld target your strategic corporate IT needs. Our capabilities are focused to systems and solutions that are scalable to grow with you and robust to hold up under the ones exploding requirements to today’s demanding market stance. We believe that for our customers, everything is objective critical. Our teams are dedicated to help you

Accomplish success in this challenging market place. Customer satisfaction at Softworld has always been the over-riding priority.

In today’s competitive world, Softworld has achieved a vast clientele through perseverance, devotion, and commitment to excellence.

Our highly qualified staff provides you the assistance in all respects on the latest trends in software industry. We assure you to provide the best solutions in the easiest, most primitive and the cost effective way.

Solutions at Solution Center:-

SoftWorld at any level is one of the needs that the organization is seeking for. We at SoftWorld Sols try our level best to provide the ideal solution in concern. We will make it sure to provide you with the solutions that will meet the demanding needs and challenging of IT industries.

We offer a vast variety of services starting from hardware repairing to WAN Links using Routers and Radio Modems. We have trained staff for Emailing Systems and Web Development as well.

The objective of SoftWorld is to satisfy all the IT needs under one roof.Moreover we provide following services.

  •   Software Development
  •   Networking Solution
  •   LAN Services
  •   WAN Services
  •   Email Services
  •   Unix and Linux
  •   Cisco Solutions
  •   Radio Solutions
  •   Web page Development

Software Development:-

A Software development project is more than writing code. In addition to programmers, our development team include technical advisor as well. Our main building blocks for the system integration are:

HTML, DHTML, STML, Java Script, VB Script, Flash, Dreamweaver, C++, Visual Basic, Visual C, Oracle/Developer 2000. Power Builder etc.

We also provide internet/intranet software development expertise in variety of different platforms and RDBMS packages including:

IIS-NT/Netscape-NT, Proxy-NT, Exchange-NT, ODBC/SQL Connectivity, ActiveX Components, Oracle, MS SQL Server.