SoftWorld Software develops and supports software solutions that enable organizations to better understand, plan and manage their key asset – their people. The Company’s focus is to provide flexible, people-centered solutions that improve the day-to-day execution of the business strategy, drive the business processes critical for the organization’s success and help companies to develop and maintain a competitive talent advantage. By empowering the organization to better focus the considerable value of its people towards its goals SoftWorld ensures significantly improved corporate performance and results.

SoftWorld has large number of Departmental Store clients in Lahore, and Bahawalpur. Our core competencies are focused on the design and implementation of state-of-the-art software solutions for succession & talent management, employee performance management, people management and development and compensation planning.

We support our Clients as main and major assets. We look upon them as our shareholders since they lead us to the better services and help us fulfill our mission. Our human resource comprises the professionals who are technically and academically sound, proficient and highly qualified. Our team encompasses consultants and other line and staff members who are scientifically, technically and aesthetically much creative, appropriately qualified and are always enthusiastic to be at your service, we don’t believe in profit in the first instance. For us this is a by-product since the main emphasis of our entire team remains on satisfaction and eventual delightedness of our customers, and this proves that we are a customer and quality driven company.

Mission & Vision

We at SoftWorld have dedicated our time and energy to ensure that our world wide clientele receive only the very best in quality and service in all spheres of our field of work. We provide our customers with unprecedented standards of quality and support which leaves every client completely satisfied and pleased with our results. We take it upon ourselves to make absolutely no compromises when it comes to punctuality and customer satisfaction. Soft World supplies only the best and we strive to uphold our reputation, no matter what.

SoftWorld uses the latest and most advanced technology to complete every project which we undertake. In order to provide customers with the best one is required to utilize the best resources available in the market. We at Soft World, do just that. By using the highest and most efficient in designing and developing software, we are able to supply to our customers much more than what they had bargained for. This attribute of ours allows us to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our products.

SoftWorld clearly understands that customers build the reputation of any organization. To successfully preserve our reputation, we need to ensure that our clients do not get the opportunity to complain. We manage to do so by instilling a level of trust in our customers, which now days, is not very commonly witnessed in dual shore operations. We keep to our promises and commitments and in the process build a reputation of a reliable and trust worthy company. Our reliability encompasses other fundamental features such as problem management and after sales support and services.

We at SoftWorld provide our customers with what they had bargained for and agreed upon at the inception and acceptation of a project. We provide our customers with the products they have paid for right till the last cent. We do not levy any hidden costs or expenditures while a project is underway, neither do we make any alterations in the agreed budget. We adhere to a policy of complete transparency in costs as well as products and services. Rest assured our world wide customer base will stand guarantee that we have delivered to them what they have paid for and even more in a number of cases. Yet another plus point which makes Soft World one of the best in-class service providers.

SoftWorld provides its customers with the best value and services which money can buy. Working towards becoming the best in-class service provider, we are presently a juggernaut in the software market and we deliver the highest standards in service and quality at the most competitive yet nominal rates. All of our customers have been completely satisfied with our products and completely comfortable with the prices we have charged for the same. Basing our business on the fundamental principle of supplying customers with value added services, Soft World has indeed given its clients their value for their money.

SoftWorld has amalgamated all the above attributes in our business to ensure that our customers are thoroughly satisfied with our efforts and solutions. We have helped our customers to excel in their respective fields of work by constructing solutions which have best suited their industrial and business requirements. All our customers have experienced total customer delight and their smiles reflect our motto, EXCELLENT SERVICE, EXCELLENT RESPONSE.